Carol Worcel officiates your wedding, your way because ceremonies should be as unique as the love stories themselves. An ordained minister, Carol specializes in: 

​With her extensive theatrical background Carol understands the importance to detail and owns a distinct mission statement: to customize every ceremony; to create lifelong memories; and to celebrate and honor every couple! Email Carol for pricing information catered to your unique needs and budget. 
  • "We know Carol as an artist in the theater world and have already booked her for our ceremony. We've seen her in action and she knows how to make everything run smoothly. She's the calm in the face of stressful times and that's important to us. Carol's a story teller and a captivating performer in her own right but understands that the focus is on us. Carol's a Godsend to the LGBTQ community and she'll give our ceremony the respect it deserves.
                    ~~ Cindy and Judy
  • "We had a very small ceremony at our home and wanted our friends and family to feel like they were part of our ceremony. Carol created a friendly and intimate atmosphere for all of us. Everyone commented on how special it was and how it seemed perfectly suited to both of us. Because of Carol, our day was fun and lighthearted and comfortable. Exactly what we wanted." 
                    ~~ Jenny and Marcus
  • "This was not the first wedding for either of us and we both had very specific requests for Carol. We wanted a religious component to the ceremony, but we each came from very different spiritual places. Carol was mindful of what we wanted and communicated perfectly about specific Bible verses and even showed us some spiritual readings we both loved. The ceremony was perfect and beyond our expectations -- which were high!"
                        ~~ Christine and Guy

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  • "After we met Carol, we actually chose our wedding date around her availability. It was that important to us. We met with her for a short time, but she quickly understood us and what we wanted. Our afternoon was casual and friendly and intimate."
                        ~~ Susan and Tom
  • "We wanted a traditional ceremony, and Carol delivered. She suggested readings and included scripture we wanted. Carol even suggested a few Bible verses we weren't familiar with. They worked perfectly, and we couldn't have been happier."   
                         ~~ Alene and Richard
  • "We had a small wedding, and a few years later we wanted to renew our vows. We felt like our first ceremony just wasn't us. Our officiant didn't know us and didn't do anything to make the ceremony special. When we decided to celebrate our marriage again, we searched for the perfect person and Carol was it. We're so happy we did it right the second time around! Carol rocks!"
                        ~~ Steph and Amiee           
  • "Carol said she did custom ceremonies and custom vows, and she really does. She asked us questions and took notes about us: how we met, when we first fell in love, things like that. She was able to incorporate this into the wedding and we loved it. Everyone commented on how personal it was."
                        ~~ Catherine and Julien
  • "We certainly didn't expect Carol to take an interest in us or to understand what we really wanted for our wedding. We thought our ceremony would be very standard: a fill in the blank kind of thing. The ceremony was short, which was important to us, but it wasn't rushed in any way. Somehow she made it personal and intimate and special only to us."
                       ~~ Melissa and A.J.    
  • "With Marriage Equality, we wanted to get married right away. Our only prerequisite was that it would be a legal ceremony. Carol was great to talk to on the phone and suggested we meet at our convenience before our ceremony. It was important to her that our vows were perfect, even though we got married at the courthouse. We waited a long time to get married and what we thought would be a simple ceremony turned out to be very special and meaningful. Thank you, Carol."
                      ~~ Gary and Nicholas
  • "Carol's background in theater turned out to be an unexpected blessing to us on our wedding day. We had a wedding planner (who had recommended Carol), but a few things began to go offtrack including the start time of the ceremony (long story). Carol was able to keep everybody in the wedding party (including me, the bride) calm and at ease. She is a trouper. We love Carol and even toasted her at our reception." 
                    ~~ Bethany and Scott